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Maritime and RapidGate Program

Posted on September 04, 2013
by Susana Escamilla



Our website has a new look. It is an opportunity to give you the knowledge and key points on what our company has to offer. One of our divisions is Maritime. Just like commercial and residential buildings the air ducts in a vessel also need maintenance to reassure that those on board are breathing clean air. Not only do air ducts need to be clean but also safe and up to operational standards. The air ducts in vessels are prone to debris and particles just like air ducts in a commercial property or a home. Another exciting key component at our company is that AirTek a Rapid Gate Member but what does that mean?

According to,

The RAPIDGate Program can save your company time and money through the following features:

  • Shorter wait times to access the Installation = lower costs and better customer service
  • Consistency in access procedures
  • Greater security and lower risk of fraud and liability with electronic ID verification
  • Virtually eliminates trips to Pass and ID Offices or Visitor Center for your employees
  • Access for as long as a year

When working in maritime being part of the Rapid Gate community will help not only us but who we would be working with. We won’t have to wait a long period of time just to enter in a location. It is an opportunity to finish any project in a timely manner. To learn more about air duct cleaning maintenance click here to read about “Maintaining Air Quality in ships and in yachts.” If you would like more information on the services provided by AirTek please visit our website.

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