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Marine Duct Cleaning: There’s More At Risk Than You Think

Posted on September 10, 2015
by Melissa Asplund

Airtek Indoor Air Solutions conducts HVAC duct cleaning for various systems and facilities. Marine Duct Cleaning is a specialized service due to the complex systems aboard ships, yachts, and other marine vessels. Safety aboard these crafts has to be a priority due to the serious consequences when an emergency occurs while in open waters. Many people are unaware that poor air quality in a closed space, such as a ship, boat, or yacht, can lead to highly reactive conditions that affect the function of these vessels, not to mention the health of those aboard.

Hazards with the Ductwork

Yachts and other ships contain ductwork that are made to fit into small areas, which are often not the most efficient because the sections have to be welded and pieced together. When there is a leak in the pieced together ductwork, vapors from chemicals escape and can interact with the oils, gases, dirt and grease on machinery, thus contaminating the equipment and the air that people are breathing.  There can be contaminated outdoor air, improper ventilation or circulation, standing water, off-gassing from chemical product, or simple dust and fiber production.

There are many possible causes of poor air quality, but the repercussions of this environment are very serious. Black mold, mildew and fungi grow and develop spores in the air that can lead to headaches, nausea, sinus problems, sore throats, and other serious ailments.  Yachts and cruise ships who carry unsuspecting and innocent passengers have a responsibility to protect the health of those aboard.  Industrial ships and vessels also have an obligation to protect employees and contractors.  In addition to the health risks that these invisible culprits create, machinery and equipment can shut down and affect the productivity or functionality of the vessel.

Becoming aware of the dangers of poor air quality and unmaintained duct systems is the first step.  The next is to retain the services of a certified ventilation system specialist: Airtek Indoor Air Solutions.  If a service provider fails to follow proper duct cleaning procedures, the contaminated air can actually spread the spores and create an even greater problem.  The duct systems on ships and water vessels have a unique design with a sealed system that has been made watertight for durability on the water.  Due to the intricacy of these systems, a higher level of experience is essential.  Airtek Indoor Air Solutions is fully equipped, trained and certified to specialize in marine duct cleaning.

Marine Duct Cleaning Project

Recently, Airtek was presented with a potential yacht duct cleaning opportunity with an unusual problem: the yacht’s mass had been struck by lightning. Since the yacht’s ductwork stems all the way up the mass it requires special equipment and tools to reach inside the mass.  This is complicated by the fact that the kitchen galley exhaust travels towards the area where the mass is connected to the boat. The exhaust then is dispersed throughout multiple grills in various areas of the mass.  Airtek Indoor Air Solutions has the resources to clean ductwork under these circumstances, including a high-powered riser tool to clean the mass section of the yacht’s HVAC system as well as the thirty-three air conditioning systems and galley hood.

Airtek Indoor Air Solutions will provide a free quote to the customer and have crews and resources available for emergency or time-sensitive projects. Airtek is NADCA certified and has twenty years of experience of marine duct cleaning. Call 1-877-858-6213 for your free quote today.

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