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Man-Made Leaves Could Improve Air Quality in the Future

Posted on July 31, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse


Tuesday we blogged about real, live trees, their effect on air quality, and the benefits they bring to our environment in excess of creating the oxygen we need to live. Today we find that scientists have created the first man-made leaf able to perform photosynthesis.

“The artificial leaves feature chloroplasts extracted from actual plant cells that are suspended in a material made from silk protein. So when given access to light and water they still produce oxygen, but they’re better suited to surviving off our planet.” Gizmodo

Watch a video about it HERE.

Created to solve the problem of enough oxygen for long-term space travel, man-made leaves could do even more on earth to improve air quality indoors and out:

Produce oxygen for office buildings, homes, and closed systems

Save water

The material could be used to make things other than “leaves” and improve air quality with building facades, lampshades, window treatments, etc.

We look forward to hearing more about this innovative technology.

What can we do today to improve our air quality?

Drive less, walk or bike more

Don’t idle the car while waiting

Reduce energy use

Keep your ventilation system clean and well maintained

Cook on back burners

Choose green products when cleaning or renovating

The more attention we pay to our environment, the better we will treat it. It’s nice to think we have something that could make oxygen on another planet, but we also need to preserve the planet we started from.

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