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Maintaining Air Quality in Ships and in Yachts

Posted on August 19, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Summer is still not over and several individuals are still in vacation. Many are taking road trips, flying back to visit family, on a cruise ship or enjoying riding a yacht on the pacific ocean. In the blog we have blogged about air quality in buildings and in homes. Today we will blog about air quality in ships and in yachts. Being in a marine environment, microbial growth and odors can be present and in ducts. Mold, mildew and fungi can can grow and spread mycotoxins. Once mycotoxins spread they can cause multiple illness such as headaches, nausea and sinus problems. Just like buildings and homes, inspections are also performed in ships. The air quality that we breathe inside ships is also as important as the air quality in homes and at work. Even though we may breathe fresh air from the sea bacteria can still enter the ducts and affect the HVAC system.

The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention perform sanitation inspections on ships. One of the areas that are inspected is the ventilation system. The ventilation system in inspected for maintenance and cleaning air handling systems. In this case, cruise ships are scored on a 100 point scale. Any score below 85 is considered a failing score. Here is a TOOL that you can use to see how a cruise line is scored based on the inspection criteria that is used. Boats are sealed up tight and can sit in for days,weeks, months without any air movement. The moist environment of the ocean can create fungal and bacteria growth as well in yachts. If the ventilating system is used the air is being circulated in a small area are mold, mildew, bacteria is exposed to the guests aboard. Below is an illustration of the “SIck Yacht Syndrome” which is similar to the Sick Building Syndrome. AIRTEK can clean and handle every type of HVAC system. AIRTEK is one of the few duct cleaning companies that carry maritime insurance, allowing work to be performed on ships and other vessels. Visit our website for more information on this service.

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