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Lowering The Radon Levels In Your Home

Posted on January 22, 2015
by Susana Escamilla

We are exposed everyday to different pollutants when we are outdoors. Radon can be found around our homes and testing the area can avoid many problems. If radon is found it is important to lower the radon levels.

January is “Radon Action Month,” and we wanted to share why it is so important to test your home for radon.

Henry Slack, EPA Indoor Air Coordinator wrote an article about radon and how it can affect your health. Testing your home for radon is the only way to know if there is radon in your home. Testing is inexpensive and easy. Radon reduction systems do work and are not costly.

Important Facts About Radon

  • You cannot see, taste, or smell radon.
  • Radon is the #1 cause of Lung Cancer for non-smokers.
  • Elevated radon is found 1 in 15 homes nationally.
  • Radon kills 21,000 people a year in the U.S.
  • The only way to know if a home has high levels is to test it.

You can fix a radon problem and can reduce radon levels in a home by 99%. Radon not only affects the indoor air quality around a home but can also affect your health. We recently blogged and shared tips on how to test your area for radon. These tips were provided by the EPA.

Start the year by protecting your home and your family and test your environment for radon. Radon is a health hazard with a simple solution.

If you need assistance in improving your indoor air quality, AirTek provides commercial and residential air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. You may contact your local AirTek Office for additional information on the services we provide.

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