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Lining the Air Ducts in Your Home

Posted on February 14, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

Restoring the air ducts is important so that you can breathe better. Air ducts over time can get rusty, mildew may build up and cracks and holes can be found in the air ducts. If you work in property management fulfilling and maintaing residential buildings is important so that residents live in a healthy environment and they are able to feel comfortable in their home. Lining the air ducts can be beneficial and some benefits of lining your ducts are:

-Cost: You can save hundreds of dollars restoring your air ducts instead of replacing an entire air duct system.

-Comfort: The air distribution in the system operates more efficiently and transmit better air flow giving an environment a comfort environment.

-Health: Mold,rust and other contaminants can grow in your air ducts and lining your ducts can reduce allergies and other contaminants from growing.

Part of our Property Management and Insurance services include Air Duct Cleaning Lining Solutions. At AirTek, we understand the responsibility that comes with providing clean and safe living areas for your residents and we work to go above and beyond to ensure that your properties are up to code.

*Below is an example of a before and after video of air duct lining.

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