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Lead Poisoning Still A Concern for California Workers

Posted on December 17, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

Thousands of workers who work in different industries are exposed to lead. Many workers who get tested for lead in their blood have high levels.

Lead has become a concern for California workers because lead is a common pollutant.

Those who work in different industries that require workers to be expose to lead not only exposed themselves but can expose their families. Toxic lead levels especially in children can produce learning disabilities as well as hearing loss.

Lead poisoning is preventable.There are several ways you can help prevent work- related lead poisoning.

How to Prevent Lead Poisoning in the work area:

  • Assist employers in lead safety practices
  • Identify lead poisoned workers
  • Get proper medical attention and medical care for workers
  • Track adult blood levels
  • If possible remove work clothes and put it in a plastic bag
  • Wear proper safety equipment and after work wash face and hands

These are simple tasks that one can do if you work in an area where lead may be present. If you have any further questions speak with your manager so that he/she can better assist you.

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