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Kosher Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Posted on July 05, 2016
by Melissa Asplund

When working in religious establishments, there are numerous additional guidelines you must adhere to. On top of federal and state regulations, abatement or restaurant kitchen cleaning, your company must also be aware of the religious regulations. For kosher kitchens, you team must follow the below guidelines:

1. REMEMBER – It’s a Religious Matter Kosher kitchens have the highest standard as it is not just particular requests, but a religious matter. This adds to the importance of everything your staff does onsite. To ensure you follow their standards, you may want to as the local Rabbi to provide specific guidelines. This not only opens the communication lines but also confirms the exact expectations your team needs to follow. They may also provide an appointed individual to monitor your work. Make sure this is confirmed prior to the work beginning so you can adjust any time expectations for the work being performed.

2. DON’T – Touch Anything Anything that touches food cannot be touched; including pots/pans, etc. Take extra steps to provide the customer piece of mind that you did not contaminate any of the items. You can take photos showing the cabinets/fridge areas were locked without your team’s access. If you are working within these areas, then discuss prior to the work starting how you can properly handle these items so it does not cause the customer to stress.

3. DON’T – Make Cuts When dealing with the highest of standards in the religious establishments, don’t shortcut the process! Different religions may observe different holidays and appropriate working hours. Do not try to shortcut your work or interfere with their religious observances as this can cause offense to the customer. Shortcuts to the process can also contaminate items outlined by the customer as holy. Shortcuts to the process will only ruin your working relationship with the customer.

Our industry works in a variety of locations including religious establishments. Working in these locations requires additional communication. Do not assume; ask questions regarding time, process, and standards to ensure a continued working relationship.

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