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Maintain your Fire Stop System

Posted on January 08, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Part of a Fire Stop System is to prevent fire from spreading through different areas of a building or property. Before reviewing a fire stop system you must ask yourself if all fire and life safety components are up to date? Has your sprinkler system in your building been maintained regularly? Are fire and smoke dampers in good condition and operating according to standards? These are a few simple questions that should be put into consideration to keep occupants safe. For instance, a fire stop system should be maintained where there are many individuals and that can include places like college dorms, hotels and hospitals.

According to the total fire protection plan the protection includes compartmentation, alarms and detections, and sprinklers. All these items need to be included in the fire stop system. Managers also need to check that the fire and smoke dampers are in good condition to maintain air flow through the building and in an emergency prevent fire from spreading elsewhere. Another fact is that maintaining a fire stop system in your building also affects the HVAC system. Doing this, can allow managers to control costs and maintain those costs without driving up the costs of maintaining an HVAC system. If your property needs any of these services, Air-Tek offers Fire Life Safety services that include, Fire Damper Inspections and Fire Wall Penetration Repairs and overall Fire Life Safety Management. If you need any assistance in any of our Fire Life Safety Services or other indoor air quality services you may contact your local Air-Tek office. To join our social media community, you may follow us on our Facebook Community Page and send us a tweet on Twitter.

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