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Is Your Building WELL?

Posted on August 15, 2013
by Wendy Stackhouse
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We know how to decide if we have a sick building, but what does it mean to have a WELL building?

Buildings built in 2013 are “greener” than ever before–energy efficient and sustainable. But recently a new certification has become available, one that reflects not only the carbon footprint of a building, but its actual healthfulness, the WELL Certification.

The real estate company Delos and Columbia University Medical Center have worked together to create a database of studies “relating to health and the environment, including building technologies.” That information has been used to create the new WELL certification standards. To be WELL certified, a building must “contribute to a person’s well being by providing:

Filtered or purified air and water

Fitness opportunities

Lighting designed to reduce stress”

…and other healthy amenities. (See this article in TIME) Some even provide ultraviolet sanitizers and air filters that kill bacteria and eliminate other toxins.

We can’t help thinking that these are good ideas. A building which is designed to use less energy and keep us healthy at the same time will indeed be a WELL building.

If you are concerned about the air quality in your home or other building, let AirTek help. We are experts at keeping ventilation systems clean, safe and contaminant-free, even in buildings built before WELL or even LEEDS standards became the norm in new construction. Let us help you make the spaces where you live and work healthier so you can be more successful at work and in life!

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