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Is Air Quality Important?

Posted on December 11, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Is Air Quality Important?

Today’s post we will go back in time and look at some photos of a city that was very polluted in the United States and learn some present facts as well. I was reading an article on Mother Nature Network. The article illustrated images from Pittsburg in the 1940s. In fact, Pittsburg was known as the “smoky city.” Factory smoke made the entire city filled with smog and smoke. As a result from the smoke and smog, buildings in Pittsburg were black. In order to get rid of the grime, workers had to steam the building in order to remove the grime that had accumulated. Smoke control ordinances were passed regulating the burning of coal. The participation of the city was a success because residents in Pittsburg were able to observe new regulations that were being passed. You may see before and after pictures of Pittsburg here. Although, the pollution back then was worse, air pollution and the air quality outside and indoors is still a issue.

A recent image has gone viral but it is terrifying to see how bad the air quality is in Beijing and spreading through Shanghai. Below shows the view of Shanghai.

lef99jmThe Air Quality reached AQI-505 in Shanghai. If the Air Quality Index values 301-500 then it is considered hazardous. It is a scary thought to think that the air we breathe can become hazardous. The Air quality is important and any bit that we do to improve can help. There is also several resources that can give us more information on how to improve the air quality outdoors and indoors. At AirTek we know that air quality is important and have been creating cleaner, healthier, and more energy efficient environments for over 25 years. To learn more about the indoor solutions we have for several industries visit us here.


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