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Indoor Pollution: Carbon Monoxide in Garage

Posted on July 23, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

Smog and pollution is a world wide concern because so many individuals get sick from the air that we breathe when we are outdoors. However, the air indoors can be as bad as the outdoor air. There are a number of chemicals found in the home that pollutes the air inside your home, making the indoor air quality unhealthy. Examples of potential air pollutants that contaminate your home are asbestos, radon, lead dust, carbon monoxide, and mold.

In fact, carbon monoxide is a dangerous pollutant that causes carbon monoxide poisoning and be very dangerous. Sources of carbon monoxide can be found in the home.¬†Accumulation of combustion gases can occur when a blocked chimney, rusted heat exchanger or broken chimney connector pipe prevents combustion gases from being exhausted from the home. Carbon Monoxide can also enter the home from an attached garage. You never want to leave a car running in a garage, even with the garage door open. This can be a source of indoor air pollution that we don’t really think of. The indoor air quality association has a quick tip about this issue. To learn more about indoor air quality services that can help your indoor environment healthy,

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