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Indoor Air Study: Residential Wood Burning

Posted on December 03, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Wood burning can become a health risk for communities and for those who are more sensitive than others. A new research paper published by Open Journal of Air Pollution, discussed and explains the impact that woodsmoke can be to a population.We would like to bring public awareness about how infiltration of black carbon particles from residential woodsmoke is spread into nearby homes because of wood burning. Most people spend their time indoors when woodsmoke is at its peak in the evenings and at night. Woodsmoke can affect someone who may be exercising outdoors and can also affect those who are indoors. Fine particles can be measured and found in the air and scientists in this new study found several variations of large and small size range particles. Different factors influence the indoor and outdoor concentration ratio that can be found.

Does sheltering indoors effectively reduce a person’s exposure to woodsmoke particles and from wood burning?

Researchers took 12 hours of integrated filter samples from indoors and outdoors. For each home that participated in the study, a filter sampler was placed indoors and a second filter was placed near the exterior of the home. According to the study, two homes reported burning wood during the sampling period and the indoor concentrations were over two times higher than the outside concentration. Based on the study that was done it states, ” Residential environments provide inhabitants with relatively little protection from generated wood smoke particles.” If an individual is sensitive than others and lives near by a home that is burning  wood their indoor environment can be affected by the wood smoke.

According to Spare the Air, “Wood burning produces one-third of the particle pollution on a given winter night.”  The particulates that are emitted in the air when wood is burned, can travel inside the lungs and make it difficult for individuals who have respiratory issues to breathe easily.  If you are in need of indoor air solutions for your home or for your company, AirTek offers several indoor air solutions for several industries.To follow other indoor and outdoor air news, be part of our Facebook Community Page and join the conversation via Twitter. Download the entire research paper here and let us know what your thoughts are on this topic.

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