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Indoor Air Quality at the Gym

Posted on November 18, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse

You go to the gym to get healthier, right? And when you are exercising you get your heart and respiration rate up pretty high, or you should. You are breathing in a lot of whatever is in the air at your gym–is the indoor air quality at your gym healthy?

What is in the Air at the Gym?

According to a recently released study done by the University of Lisbon in Portugal and the Technical University of Delft in Holland the air at your gym may be pretty bad. There are many common air pollutants that could be present.

The researchers measured two sizes of particulates, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds while people were in the gyms exercising.

The levels of carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds were “exceeding the national limit values.” Levels of these pollutants increased “when the spaces were occupied during classes.” Abstract, Science Direct.

“Results indicated that it is crucial to optimize the HVAC systems, ventilation rates and occupants behavior in order to reduce the exposure to air pollutants in fitness centers and to potentiate the benefits of sport activities.”

What does that mean about Indoor Air Quality?

So in layman’s terms, it is important that gyms and fitness centers keep their indoor air quality healthy by proper maintenance of their ventilation systems–and AirTek can help with that!

Do you go to the gym regularly? Do you ever feel sick after a class or crummy after a workout? It may be time to ask the management about their ventilation, how often their HVAC systems are cleaned and maintained, and how they are optimizing their indoor air quality the next time you go.

If your gym or fitness center does not maintain their HVAC system on a regular schedule, have them contact AirTek. It’s hard enough to maintain a great fitness level without breathing in air pollution while you exercise. Don’t let all that good exercise go to waste!

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