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Indoor Air Quality Management Plan for Schools

Posted on January 03, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

The main purpose of an HVAC system are to help maintain an indoor environment comfortable and maintain good air quality through out a building or home. Students will be going back to school soon and it a great opportunity for school districts to decide to do maintenance on their HVAC systems. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a great tool kit for schools. Part of the kits are designed for the Indoor Air Quality Coordinator at the school and district levels. Different areas from schools such as kitchens, locker rooms, laboratories rooms, art rooms and storage rooms are areas that contain pollutants that can make an environment for students and staff uncomfortable and unhealthy. The Coordinator Guide will give those in charge of an IAQ Plan to easily create an IAQ Management Plan and a memo to be distributed to all school personnel. The kit also includes tips while starting the IAQ Management plan. Below are example of start up hints:

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 10.50.30 AM


You may read more in detail about starting a plan by clicking here. One of the latest projects that AirTek worked on is a project that included kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning for the Compton Unified School District in Los Angeles. If you have any questions concerning indoor air solutions that include air duct cleaning, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, HVAC Cleaning and other indoor air solutions you may contact us. You may contact us through our social media sites that include Facebook and Twitter.

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