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Indoor Air Quality Issues in Hotels

Posted on August 13, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

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The hospitality industry is growing rapidly in the tourism spectrum. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in the United States tourism was up five percent from last year. International air traffic to and from the US totaled 44.8 million passengers. As indoor air quality issues become widely known it is important for hotel management to make indoor air quality a top priority because it impacts many areas of their business. Employees and guests can also be impacted by poor indoor air quality. There are several ways that hotel management can keep the quality of the indoor air quality healthy for guests:

  • Developing a plan to improve and maintain the air quality of the facility: Highlight any concerns that guests and employees may have and also highlight the goals that you want to contribute to maintain a clean environment.
  • Eliminate any mold or mildew: Fix any leaks, watch for wet spots and dry and clean any area that is wet or damp quickly to ensure that mold does not grow.
  • Properly vent areas in the hotel like the kitchen and laundry that often has high humid areas.
  • Maintain HVAC systems: Contact a professional to inspect your system so that all air filters, coils, exhaust fans, vents and all other parts of the system are clean.
  • Make the building smoke free.

As more individuals travel hotels need to make sure that the air quality is one of their top priorities. Not only will it create a comfortable environment for their guests but it can affect their profit. Consumers want to stay in a comfortable hassle free environment and serving that to guests can bring them back for another stay. We all might have gone through an experience where our stay could have been better. The best way for hotels to do that is to start with a indoor air quality plan. At AirTek, we understand that the hospitality industry is dependent on ensuring that guests have a comfortable experience and we have the experience to handle the complex system requirements and regulations that are unique to the hospitality industry.If you have any hotel concerns we have a different services that can ensure your hotel is a safe environment for your guests. You may contact us here and at our social media sites as well.

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