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Indoor Air Quality in Nail Salons

Posted on August 21, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Going into a salon do have your nails done sometimes feels nice but the time that is spent there breathing in all the strong chemicals is uncomfortable. In a previous blog, we talked about lead being in some makeup products such as a lipstick. Other small businesses like nail salons are taking the stand of improving their air quality. According to the Los Angeles Times, earlier last month the city of Santa Monica is launching a program to recognize salons that use healthier products and provide better indoor air quality.

The program aims to improve working conditions for roughly 120 nail technicians working at 30 licensed salons throughout the city. Nail salons will be recognized if they meet certain requirements, including avoiding polishes with the most toxic chemicals, ensuring their employees wear proper gloves and taking steps to improve ventilation. This is a great step for small salon businesses to care about the indoor air quality of their nails salons. The indoor air of nails salons can become saturated with chemicals that are being used. According to, “Products such as base coats, top coats and polish removers all contain some of the same chemicals found in an auto body shop.” Although there are several chemicals being distributed in the air in nail salons, The United States Environmental Protection Agency provides a check lists of proper handling of products and what materials to use while working in a nail salon. According to EPA, making changes in nail salon work practices can stop pollutants at the source and reduce air pollution.

To make a nail salon safer proper ventilation is key. Ventilation systems are often not maintained properly and reduce the levels of ventilation that were designed to provide. When ventilation is not sufficient, airborne chemicals build up.

It is important for small businesses like nail salons, to not share the same ventilation system with surrounding businesses to avoid spreading chemical vapors to neighboring businesses. Knowing the right steps to take to improve indoor air quality in any small business like nail salons is important for your future business. If you are a small business and concerned about your indoor air quality AIRTEK may be able to assist you. Visit our website for more information on air duct cleaning and like our Facebook Community Page or more tips on improving indoor air quality and other services AIRTEK provides.


*Click HERE for to see a graph of the potential health effects from chemical ingredients in nail salons.

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