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Indoor Air Pollution Hurts Pets, Too

Posted on February 14, 2012
by Wendy Stackhouse


We’ve written quite a bit on the AirTek blog about indoor air quality and how unhealthy indoor air can affect you and your family:

But it’s not only humans who are impacted by indoor air pollution, pets are as well.
Almost 40% of American households own a cat, over 46% own a dog and the total pets owned by Americans tops 377 million! We think about what kind of food we buy them, how clean their water is, and how much exercise our pets are getting, but are we thinking about the air they breathe?

On our Twitter feed (I hope you are following us @AirTekCA), we retweet Spare the Air Alerts, which are no-burn days in Northern California to protect people from wood smoke on bad air days, but we should also be thinking about cats, dogs and horses. Pets cannot complain to us about breathing difficulties, but as many as 10 percent of cats are treated for asthma. Veterinarians caution us to keep our pets indoors on Spare the Air days. You can keep an eye on the air quality in Southern California on our Twitter feed as well!
The things we can do to improve the air for ourselves and our families will also help our pets stay healthy and live longer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have man’s best friend around for a few more years?
If you need help getting your indoor air clean enough for humans and non-humans alike, by cleaning your air ducts, dryer vents, kitchen exhausts or maintaining your HVAC systems anywhere in California, please contact AirTek!

And a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
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