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Indoor Air Is More Polluted Than Outdoor Air

Posted on August 16, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

There are many resources that can help you understand the effects of poor indoor air quality. We have blogged about the side effects of poor indoor air quality, how to help the air you breathe inside be cleaner and have given you some facts about indoor air quality. In addition, whether you are working in a commercial building or at home, the HVAC system or the ducts can contribute to the poor air quality. Indoor air pollution increases the effects of asthma symptoms and allergies. According to the Air Resources Board, “Asthma is a serious chronic lung disease that appears to be on the rise in California, United States and in many other countries.”

The Indoor Air Quality and Personal Exposure Assessment Program is a good source to use because their main goal is to improve California’s health and educate others on Indoor Air pollution. Removing any source that triggers air pollution, air cleaning and increasing the ventilation in our environment is crucial in creating a healthier environment. “Sick Building” is another concern. We all live in sealed buildings and accumulation of toxins, released gases of aerosols, contents of cigarettes all contribute to bad indoor air quality. At AIRTEK we can assist you by keeping ventilations systems clean. Our team follows the strict standards from the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) to assure you that we can fix any issues and not only create a solution but create a healthy environment at home or where you work. Visit our WEBSITE and like our Facebook Community Page.

{Below is a detailed infographic on allergies and asthma}

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