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Increase The Performance Of Your HVAC System

Posted on September 24, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

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A clean and energy efficient HVAC system is better than one that operates less efficiently. However, many consumers forget about maintaining their system. According to NADCA, “Proper maintenance and cleaning practices can result in at least 11% energy savings for home and business owners.” Commercial property’s use their air conditioning year round. NADCA also advises consumers to have their systems cleaned at least annually. ┬áHVAC systems will become dirty even in new homes and new buildings and debris can build up over time. When those systems begin to wear down over time they do not work at the greatest performance they were designed. As a result, the systems efficiency decreases.

What does a standard cleaning include in a system?

  • Replacing filter
  • Cleaning Ductwork
  • Ductwork including (blower, coil, head exchange)

We all want to reduce energy consumption at home and if you are a business owner this is also a top priority. Even though summer is over, it is still not late to check up on your HVAC system if it has not been maintained for over a year. If you have seen an increase in complaints about sneezing, coughing, or respiratory problems you might have poor indoor air quality and having a dirty hvac system does not help. A clean system will not only increase the performance of your system but can help the indoor air quality. If you are looking for more information on how to clean your air ducts and looking for a professional duct cleaning service contact AirTek to set up an appointment. To learn more tips follow our social media sites that include Facebook and Twitter.



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