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Increase better Indoor Air Quality by doing a Building Check Up

Posted on January 06, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


Buildings should get regular check up to maintain good indoor air quality. Just like when a person goes to a doctor for a regular check up to see whether or not one is healthy, a building needs regular maintenance. Increase better indoor air quality by doing a regular building check up. The Indoor Air Quality Association YouTube videos, the channel recently shared a video about the importance of regularly checking the building’s air quality. Any building that has an HVAC System in their perimeter should check these specific items. Whether it is restaurant, a retail store or a multi-family building using these tips provided by IAQA will give you an idea of what to fix if the indoor environment is not healthy. According to the video there are 6 specific items to check. The 6 items that need check up in a building according to the video are as followed:

  • Ventilation: Check if the building is bringing in the proper quality and quantity air into the building. Proper ventilation will create a comfortable environment and will reduce moisture to build up.
  • Chemicals/Pesticides/Personal Care Products: If these are used inside the building you are in check that these sources are not degrading the indoor air quality. In addition, VOC sources and gases can be released in the air and often released in the air from building materials, furnishings, office equipments and adhesives.
  • Dampness:Signs of water in a building are signs that lead to water stains, mold and microbial odors.
  • Combustion Appliances:Check these type of appliances to make sure that they are properly venting their combustion gases
  • Check Humidity and Temperature: Condensation on the inside of windows or glass surfaces indicate a build up of moisture. Low levels of humidity in a home can lead family members with dry chapped lips and scratchy throats and noses. Check that both humidity and temperature are at a comfortable levels.
  • Check for specific contaminants:Check for radon or allergens in a building

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