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Creating a Healthy Indoor Environment in Schools Nationwide

Posted on January 12, 2015
by Susana Escamilla

The well being of children in schools has been top priority for school districts. In addition to many health programs in schools, school health based centers in California are going to educate staff and parents on the importance of creating a healthy indoor environment.

In order to reduce asthma attacks at schools, staff and families will learn about asthma treatments. Mold, dust, chemical cleaning products and smoke can trigger asthma attacks in children’s and adults.

A new federal grant will help nurses and doctors who are involved in schools to learn how to better monitor the indoor air quality. Knowing where the problems are and knowing what is causing poor indoor air quality will benefit schools.

How will the California School Health Based Alliance Help Create A Healthy Indoor Environment In Schools?

  • Environmental Intervention Guide to help prevent asthma triggers at schools and in homes.
  • Training at state conferences will take places. California health based centers will train other school based health centers nationwide.
  • Help schools create a health and asthma management plan for schools and parents.

This is an important step that schools nationwide will take to improve the well being of students and help improve the indoor air quality in schools. It is important to create a healthy indoor environment in schools so that children can have a comfortable and healthy environment to learn.

If your school needs assistance in improving the indoor air quality, AirTek provides commercial and residential air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. You may contact your local AirTek Office for additional information on the services we provide.


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