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Improving Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

Posted on July 24, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

According to a study by The American Lung Association, “Over 127 million people live in counties that received an F for either ozone or particle pollution. Nearly 4 in 10 people in the United States live in counties that receive an F for air quality because of unhealthy levels of ozone air pollution. Particle like “PM 2.5” are particle that are very tiny. These particles are found in dirt, dust and soot. The air quality that we breathe outside is monitored and has to achieve high standards.

Now imagine the high standards that the air quality outside has to be in order for counties and cities to get an A in air quality.   It is important to feel comfortable in the area that you work in. However, we spend most of our time indoors where the air quality has to be clean as well. Exposure to pollutants in indoor air can have a clear relationship between the quality of air one is breathing and the long -term health effects one can have.

If you work in an office or building environment, these are some tips to help keep the indoor air quality problem free provided by The United States Environmental Protection Agency:

1. Do not block air vents or grilles: Any furniture or objects blocking the air vents can reduce the airflow. Contained areas enable pollutants to build up more in a confined space.

2. Clean up water spills and report any water leaks. Mold, fungi and or any other microbes can grow because water creates an environment for them to grow.

3. Store food properly. Not having a sanitized area in the eating area and not storing food properly attracts pests.

4. Smoke in designated areas.

If you feel your work environment feels too cold, too hot or too “stuffy” let your manager know. An inspection of the air ducts can help the indoor air quality of your workspace. Air-tek is a leading provider of commercial-industrial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system cleaning and will assure that all components are clean because one dirty component can contaminate the air system. To learn more about the side effects of poor indoor air quality visit our Air-tek Website. To learn more about the importance of indoor air quality and the services Air-tek provides please follow us on our Facebook Community Page.

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