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Improve Air Quality in Multi-Family Buildings

Posted on February 21, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


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In our Alliance Blog, we have talked about how bed bugs can travel to one area and travel to another. Whether you keep your area clean, you may go to a hotel and the hotel may have bed bugs and you bring them back to your home and now can have an infestation. The same scenario can happen with air quality in multi-family buildings. You may be doing a great job in keeping your home clean and use methods to keep your home’s air quality fresh but pollutants can transfer between units. In order to improve indoor air quality in multi family buildings reduce emissions, seal exterior and between units and educate tenants and staff on the importance of maintaining the great air quality. Also making sure that the properties ducts are clean.

According to Air Doctors Inc on Twitter, “Clean ductwork translate to better indoor air quality and up to 40% increase in your HVAC efficiency.” The pros of maintaining your tenants air quality is that you are giving your tenants a comfortable living area and also healthy indoor environments attract tenants who are looking to rent and condo buyers. If you have invested in a multi family building property and need assistance in improving the indoor air quality for your tenants we can help. AirTek offers air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. Below is a video provided by IAQ Network that has additional information on air quality in multi family buildings.

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