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HVAC System in a Crawlspace

Posted on December 02, 2013
by Susana Escamilla




In many buildings, the HVAC system may be located in a tight space or crawl space. Many technicians may have to go through a crawlspace in order to complete and fix an HVAC system. According to OSHA,a crawlspace is an area large enough and configured so that an employee can enter and perform work, has a limited means of entry and exit and is not designed for continuous human occupancy. Before entering the crawlspace one must evaluate the crawlspace. Mold spores and bacteria may be present in the crawlspace since there is no sunlight to kill the bacteria humidity may be as high as 60%, which gives the opportunity for mold to grow. If mold grows in the crawlspace, then there is a high possibility for the mold to spread through out your property.

A great way to describe what can happens when the crawlspace around the HVAC system becomes dirty is best described by They quote, “For the HVAC in the crawl space, when the blower kicks on to push the warm or cool air through the ductwork to the house, there a of couple of things which can draw crawl space air into the system. One would be a dirty air filter, which could restrict the air flow to the blower box. The blower still needs the air to push through the system, and if it can’t get all it needs through the filter, then the vacuum it creates will draw air from a deficiency in the box (a crack or loose fitting). Another potential way for crawl space air to enter the system is just improper or poorly design.” Ducts installed in the crawlspace can cause a problem since the system can “sweat” and the floor to warp and rot. It is always best as mentioned to do an evaluation of not only the HVAC system but the crawlspace. At AirTek the company take pre-caution when working with any air duct cleaning project. The companies professional technicians have the experience with several industries as well and provides indoor air quality services in addition to the air duct cleaning. You may contact us via our website or through our social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.


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