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HVAC System: Repair or Replace

Posted on June 23, 2014
by Susana Escamilla




Having an air conditioner break down and especially break down during the summer can be a nightmare. When your air conditioning or heating system fails there are two factors you need to take into consideration: Repair or replace your unit. You also need to take into consideration the efficiency and current condition of the unit. Considering the age of the unit is important as well. If a unit break downs sometimes the parts are discontinued which can become more expensive if not unavailable to find. Depending on how well the unit was regularly maintain can play a factor in deciding whether you want to repair or replace your HVAC unit.

Repairing your unit may be the less expensive route but it can become more expensive down the road. If your unit is old, breaks down and consumes energy it may be time to replace your unit. When replacing your unit, it is important to replace the air handling so that the two units match your outdoor unit for maximum efficiency.  It matching the units can shorten the life span of your system. If the system has hit the 10 year mark, upgrading to an EnergySTAR air conditioning cooling system that meets the 2006 EPA regulation can save you up to 30% on your cooling costs due to the efficiency boost. You may contact an HVAC specialist to inspect the unit and assess its current condition.

Once you have done all this and done your research on expenses and what would be the best decision, select a contractor that will be able to work a future plan and a maintenance plan for your HVAC unit.If your HVAC system is not working to properly ventilate your environment, Air-Tek can be of assistance and provide you indoor air quality services.In addition, if you have any questions regarding your HVAC system we can be of assistance. You may contact your local Air-Tek office for more information.

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