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HVAC Restoration as an Alternative to Replacement

Posted on July 14, 2015
by Melissa Asplund

When Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) parts break down, replacing them can create a large fiscal impact on your company or corporation. If you encounter an unexpected, non-budgeted HVAC dilemma, next time consider HVAC restoration instead of replacement.

Airtek Indoor Air Solutions is a National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) certified company that can assist with your ductwork restoration needs. NADCA defines the restoration of HVAC system components as “the process of preparation, refurbishment, resurfacing, repair, or replacement of any surface common to the air stream.” The two main categories of HVAC restoration are resurfacing agents and insulants.

Resurfacing Agents

Resurfacing agents, such as V570 and pancrete, are called epoxies and are used to seal and create a new surface over a previous metal surface.

The V570 approach is used when extreme corrosion and rust has degraded the interior surface of the ductwork and air handler units to the point where it is rough to the touch or to the point of replacement.

Pancrete is a water-type sealant that is non-corrosive to water. It is used as material to help recreate drain pans. A feature to the pancrete approach is that this epoxy is self-leveling. A nice, smooth surface will be created for water to run off. There will be no lumpy surface that contains water pockets or a place for stagnant water. The pancrete resurfacing process is usually taken into consideration when mold growth or significant water in the HVAC system is a contributing concern.


Restoration to insulation is another type of HVAC restoration for your company or corporation to consider instead of replacement. The two prime insulants are Armacell and Astrofoil.

Armacell is a black, rubbery substance similar to a wet suit that a surfer would wear. This insulant creates a higher R-value. The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance and refers to the thickness of insulation that gives you how much of a temperature barrier you can create. Armacell is going to be slightly more costly than Astrofoil due to its sleek appearance and R-value.

The Astrofoil insulant is a bubble wrap with protective aluminum barrier. This approach to HVAC restoration is common when replacing insulation in a healthcare environment. It eliminates the presence of fiberglass. In intensive care units, people may become susceptible to illness easily due to their weak immune systems; therefore, the Astrofoil’s absence of fiberglass in the system and airways would be more desirable.

Both Armacell and Astrofoil are proven effective in the insulation restoration process, and the choice between the two is purely personal preference.

HVAC restoration is a wise alternative to replacement. If an air handler that is ten years old begins to have an excess amount of rust and possible growth, a pricey replacement may not be in your budget. Airtek Indoor Air Solutions can clean the unit, sand it down, and apply HVAC restoration techniques to the surface and extend the longevity of the unit. This process can save money while providing an alternative to replacement by restoring your HVAC parts to a like-new condition.

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