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HVAC Hygiene

Posted on August 29, 2017
by Melissa Asplund

The heating ventilation and air conditioning system is the lungs of any building. It helps pumps air flow in and out of the area for you to breathe. As you can imagine, it is important to keep proper HVAC hygiene in order to promote good health. Removing the ductwork of any mold, debris, or contaminants can be the difference between proper indoor air quality and health dangers.

It is not uncommon for bird droppings to be near a unit on the roof, as birds fly over buildings. However, without being addressed, disease organisms can accumulate in the nutrient-rich droppings and harbor many human pathogens. These can trickle into the duct system and become airborne to be cycled throughout your system and building. The building occupants are then breathing in polluted air and possibly catch a transmissible bird disease.

Possible transmissible bird diseases are: Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis, and E. coli. These diseases can cause vomiting, fever, diarrhea, dehydration, fungal infections, tumors, brain damage, and can even be fatal if spread throughout the body.

A professional air duct cleaning can rid the system of any accumulations of organic material in or around HVAC air intakes. Airtek Indoor Air Solutions’ parent company, Alliance Environmental Group, is trained to handle hazardous materials removal. Alliance and Airtek together can team up to ensure a full cleaning of the ductwork and sanitize the inside of the ducts.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, poor indoor air quality inside schools, offices, and other workplaces have been tied to symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, trouble concentrating, and more. Don’t let poor HVAC hygiene effect your building and its occupants. Call 1-877-858-6213  for a free estimate today.

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