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HVAC Design in the Health Care Industry

Posted on November 20, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

health care

  An interesting article about building safe and effective health care facilities by the Consulting Specifying Engineer website. Part of designing a safe and effective health care facility is to design a successful HVAC system to create a healthy and comfortable environment. A questionnaire was done by the website and many project managers, electricians, engineers and director of health care answers questions on HVAC design. They also talk about their experiences with HVAC systems. One of the important subjects they talked about is how health care facilities can achieve optimal HVAC and air quality.

Many had dealt with indoor air quality challenges and each had different ways of resolving it. One of the senior mechanical engineers rearrange the air devices and increased the exhaust air quantity and doing so, was able to improve air flow and odors were not present in the area. Another engineer was facing with a surgical room that needed the temperature of the room to be 68F and humidity levels to be 50%. Different equipment was used to maintain the area clean and the temperature and humidity levels to follow the correct requirements.

A mechanical and project manager each said that understanding the life safety plans is important in determining smoke and fire damper locations. In previous we have talked about how important it is to regularly maintain these areas. Understanding the peak of hours of operation and how many people are in the building during the corse of the day can help those involved with the design of the systems and create a regular air flow through out the building. To read more about the article, click here. If you need maintenance for the health care industry, contact your local AirTek office to set up an appointment.

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