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The Human Microbiome and Air Quality

Posted on February 27, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse

microbiome project

Did you know that you are an environment all by yourself? You are the Human Microbiome! There are more non-human than human cells on and in your body and more non-human DNA, too.

Here is a very cute video that we found at Indoor Air Nerd that we thought you would enjoy:

The bacteria on and in your body help you deal with many of the pollutants we encounter every day, including those in both our indoor and outdoor air. If we didn’t have any of them, we might thing we would be healthier, but we would be wrong.

From the New York Times:

“Not only do the bacteria help keep people healthy, but they also are thought to help explain why individuals react differently to various drugs and why some are susceptible to certain infectious diseases while others are impervious. When they go awry they are thought to contribute to chronic diseases and conditions likeirritable bowel syndrome, asthma, even, possibly, obesity. ‘Humans,’ said Dr. David Relman, a Stanford microbiologist, ‘are like coral, “an assemblage of life-forms living together.’”

While we at AirTek are committed to protecting you from harmful bacteria and other indoor air contaminants, we know there is a health balance that must be reached. The Human Microbiome has to be considered when we build, when we drive, when we clean, when we live.

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