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How to be aware of your indoor air quality

Posted on July 29, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Los Angeles is known to be one of the most polluted cities in the country. An interactive tool, CalEnviroScreen was released by the California Environmental Protection Agency. This interactive tool helps you look up your zip code and ranks your area either high or low according to the impact of pollution levels found in your area. These are improvements that can help the air quality outdoors but can contribute to the air quality indoor as well. Being aware of how to improve air quality in your home, workplace or business building is important as well. We now have a tool that we can use outside to know how polluted our area is but we can still know if our indoor air quality is bad or good by being aware of symptoms that causes unhealthy indoor air quality.

Below are some key points provided by that can help you breathe easier:

1. Keeping the floors of your business and home fresh.

2. Keep a healthy level of humidity.

3. Being aware of the smoking zone in the building you work in.

4. Test for radon.

5. Keep your business environment and home, ventilated so toxic chemicals don’t build up.

Being aware of our indoor air quality and going green has impacted many small businesses to create an Eco-friendly workplace. Below is an info-graphic on information of small businesses going green.

If you take part of knowing how to improve your indoor air quality it can help your health significantly. If you still have symptoms such as sneezing, irritation of eyes, headache and fatigue the air ducts in your environment may be dirty and need to be cleaned. If you work in any of the effected areas in Los Angeles or anywhere in the state of California, Air-tek can improve the indoor air quality. If you are a small business owner and are taking action of providing an Eco-friendly workplace, Air-tek also has environmentally friendly, non- toxic, biodegradable sanitizers that can be used in the process of cleaning and sanitizing all major components of your HVAC system. You may contact us to find the nearest Air-tek office. To learn more tips on improving air quality like our Facebook Community Page and tweet us at Twitter.

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