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How can upgrading the ventilation and filtration systems help in reopening businesses post-pandemic?

Posted on July 06, 2021
by Vinay Panday

The subsequent shutdown orders followed by the global pandemic had a drastic impact on the commercial business sector. Many workers claim to be enjoying the work from home experience. However, as the restrictions are gradually lifted, people are expected to work in an office environment. Commercial building owners should embrace the latest safety protocols to upgrade their buildings and bring back remote workers safely.

Nationwide, states are reopening, and vaccinations are ongoing. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the building to its pre-pandemic condition, especially gyms, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, theme parks, casinos, and dental clinics – all the places with commercial areas that get high traffic of people in closed conditions. So, open the doors to your buildings in a safe way with guidance and assistance from AirTek.

Now, you might be wondering about how to ensure COVID-19 protocols are in place before opening your commercial areas. The answer is bipolar ionization technology. If you are unaware, picture this: a sleek, high-quality, state-of-the-art air-filtration system that fights away highly invasive pathogens and continuously purifies the air.But first, let’s look at why this technology is so important in the first place.

What Is Wrong with Most Buildings?

  • Most commercial buildings have inadequate protection against biological risks. The HVAC systems are not equipped with powerful air filtration to remove contaminants from the air, especially viruses. Conduct regular inspections to ensure the HVAC systems are functioning correctly, and upgrade the filters in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • When introducing filters, they must be installed properly and maintained. Poorly maintained or incorrectly installed filters significantly decrease efficiency. Work with a company like AirTek for routine maintenance on your HVAC system to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • Failure to regularly clean ducts. The ducts can carry numerous highly infectious bacteria and viruses and send them recirculating throughout the room. As a result, inhalation of dust and debris can cause respiratory issues, in addition to viruses causing illnesses.

Why Should You Consider Getting Your HVAC System Cleaned Professionally?

Air particulate can be dangerous, consisting of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and microbes. Aerosol droplets are the typical mode of transmission for respiratory viruses to spread to other people.

While shutting down indoor workplaces has flattened the curve, the empty buildings have harbored the growth of mold, allergens, dust, vermin, odors, and other contaminants. The lack of airflow, high humidity, and poor ventilation in vacant buildings causes favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria and the spread of viruses. Inadequate maintenance of the HVAC system may have led to the deterioration of the overall air quality.

These hazardous pathogens can enter the air conveyance system of a building. They can infiltrate even well-sealed HVAC systems. The highly infectious pathogens can pose serious health risks, aside from the issues created by COVID-19.

The increase in harmful allergens will provoke seasonal allergies and asthma in people, causing them to cough and sneeze. In addition, the onset of allergy season and poor air quality will exacerbate the health conditions of employees, patients, and anyone who enters previously vacated areas.

Air quality tests should be conducted professionally before opening up the buildings to the public. It should be done by experienced and trained company professionals such as our team at Air-Tek. It is unsafe and unwise to prolong the maintenance of the HVAC systems inside vacant buildings, given the environmental dangers.

The reasons mentioned above make it critical to assess indoor ventilation and air quality before reopening and on a regular basis. Building owners should look upgrading air filtration and HVAC systems to prevent the spread of COVID-19 indoors, and other issues caused by stagnant air and un-serviced systems.

How will Better Air Filtration help in Reopening Closed Buildings?

Fixing and upgrading the HVAC system is a step in the right direction. As we are in the process of partial or complete re-openings, building owners still have time to upgrade the HVAC system on their property.

1. Bipolar ionization technology has made its way to thousands of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. We learned how important indoor air quality is for the wellbeing of everyone, thanks to the pandemic. People are widely adopting this technology to limit the spread. It’s promising to tackle the issue of airborne and droplet transmission of COVID-19.

This air purification method works by producing positive and negative ions in the air. This causes small particles to cluster into larger ones that weigh down. HEPA filters can effectively capture these larger particles. Protective ventilation techniques can reduce the airborne concentration of virus-laden contaminants.

2. HEPA filters can significantly enhance air cleaning. When bipolar ionization and UV C radiation are partnered with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, the air quality is protected. The HEPA filter can catch various particles involving dander, pet hair, mold spores, pollen, bacteria, and other viruses. HEPA filter technology is standardized at a minimum of 99.9% efficiency for removing air particles.

Peer-reviewed studies suggest that using the HEPA filter has proved beneficial for asthmatic people. In addition to that, HEPA filters reduce the number of particles triggering cardiovascular diseases. It’s advised to choose a top commercial-grade HEPA air purifier to ensure the safety of all occupants.

Get Professional Help

AirTek will make sure your HVAC system has proper maintenance, excellent sealing, and upgraded filters. This procedure will mitigate the spread of particles captured in the filters. The health of your occupants is your top priority as commercial building owners. Maximize fresh air indoors by improving ventilation and filtration systems in your buildings. Following safety protocols will build public confidence in your business and you’ll be ready to open as soon as possible.

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