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Hotel Air Quality Concerns

Posted on November 04, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Indoor Air quality deserves more attention in hotels. We know that the outside air is already polluted and the only thing that is worse is having that air that is polluted circulate through hotels making the indoor air not fresh enough to breathe. There are several hotel chains that still may not have updated their air conditioning systems and using old models and also have not done their regular maintenance. What is left is a possibility of moisture to develop and mold and mildew to grow. When we stay in hotels we don’t really think about the air quality in hotels, we might think about whether the hotel has free wifi, a rooftop pool or a balcony to sit and enjoy breakfast. Some amenities that we don’t enjoy everyday is what we sometimes get excited about when staying in a hotel. However, a hotel may have all these extra amenities but if the room or the hotel have strong odors and stale air then that’s a sign to look for another place to stay and let the hotel know that the air conditioning should be checked. According to some of the factors that affect the indoor air quality in hotels and buildings include:

  • levels of outdoor pollution, caused for example by smog, traffic or aircraft emissions and pesticides
  • sources of indoor pollution including the materials used in the fabric of buildings, carpets and soft furnishings, smoking, cleaning chemicals and the use of perfumes and salon products
  • the rate of exchange between indoor and outdoor air, i.e. ventilation rates and distribution
  • the amount of moisture in the indoor environment, which is considerably increased in hot humid climates, near kitchen areas and if the hotel has a gym, spa or indoor swimming pool. In serious cases this can lead to the growth of mould and mildew which has health implications

In addition, it is the legal responsibility for the hotel to make sure that their guests and staff stay in a healthy environment. The hotel needs to ensure that any maintenance of boilers and heating systems are safe for guests so that no carbon monoxide is created in the environment. At AirTek, we understand that the hospitality industry is dependent on ensuring that guests have a comfortable experience and we have the experience to handle the complex system requirements and regulations that are unique to the hospitality industry.If you have any hotel concerns we have a different services that can ensure your hotel is a safe environment for your guests. You may contact us here and at our social media sites as well.

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