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Hiring Certified HVAC Technicians Become Difficult?

Posted on July 30, 2014
by Susana Escamilla


The HVAC Industry is growing rapidly and more consumers are aware of indoor air quality pollutants and opportunities in the HVAC Industry are increasing. Indoor pollution is one of the top health concerns in the nation and the industry is finding ways to combat the problem and use different technology to create healthier indoor environments. As more homes and commercial structures are being built, HVAC installations are required and technicians are needed to install and do regular check ups for upcoming installation of HVAC systems. However, the increase of the HVAC Industry means an increase in hiring certified professional technicians in the field.

The Sacramento heating and air conditioning companies are having a hard time finding qualified workers for their companies. Companies are looking not only looking for candidates who have skills and experience in the field, but communication and motivation to learn about the industry. As more experienced technicians expire, less individuals are looking into getting a career in the industry. It is a great industry to look into because of the ongoing trend of upgrading to efficient systems has also been a significant business increase in the industry. Those who are interested in the industry, can look into different tech colleges that offer certification or visit the NADCA website. Our team, provides further training in different areas of the industry and offer our maintenance crew a hands on approach for our employees. If you have any questions regarding training or have any questions regarding the HVAC industry, chat with us and contact your local Airtek office.

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