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Have you Checked the Indoor Air Quality Before Re-Opening Your Restaurant?

Posted on June 24, 2021

Restrictions are being dropped and things are opening up. Stadiums are starting to accommodate fans again and restaurants are starting to welcome more and more guests for indoor dining. Even with all of these exciting changes, it’s important to remember that the pandemic isn’t over. Vaccines are being administered and the number of infections is going down, but a new Delta variant is a cause for concern as more unvaccinated people are becoming infected. This means there is even more of a reason to make sure restaurants have all the tools in place they need to help limit the spread of the virus and to help ensure indoor dining safety. 

Restaurants are particularly risky environments because guests do not need to wear masks while eating. This makes it even more important to have the best indoor air quality possible. There can be major financial consequences to not maintaining the air quality and cleanliness in restaurants. It is each restaurant’s responsibility to help limit the spread of the virus. Otherwise, it can lead to more restrictions, lockdowns, and jeopardizing the health and safety of the community. 

Indoor air quality in a restaurant does not just mean breathing clean and healthy air. Restaurants can also have foul odors they need to manage, especially in smaller spaces. Restaurants are also at risk of kitchen fires caused by poorly maintained exhaust hoods. There are many precautions restaurants need to take for indoor dining safety and many updates they need to make when reopening, especially if they have been closed for a while. 

HVAC Systems Maintenance and Replacement

With the opening of public spaces, the standards to maintain public health have increased due to the pandemic. HVAC systems always need to be regularly maintained. Some older HVAC systems may not be functioning to the new standards. Many places have installed brand new HVAC systems that are even better at improving air quality than the old ones. Restaurants should prioritize the health of their employees and guests by ensuring that they are using the most up-to-date systems and filters. AirTek will assess whether or not a restaurant’s HVAC system is functioning well enough to meet the highest possible standards of indoor air quality, then provide a recommendation for upgrading, maintenance, repair, or replacement. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting

There are two methods to disinfect the air: bionic ionization and ultraviolet C light. Bionic ionization is used to clean the air within the HVAC system. Bionic ionization groups otherwise unfilterable air particles together in bunches, making them detectable to filters. The filter is then able to break up the harmful microorganism by simply filtering them out.

Ultraviolet C light kills or neutralizes contaminants in the air. Neutralizing the contaminants means that they are no longer able to reproduce, therefore, limiting their spread. This helps reduce the number of contaminants in the air such as allergens, viruses, fungi, and more. 

Cleaning the Air with Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are an effective tool to help clean the air and limit the spread of airborne contaminants. The most effective way to use a mobile air purifier is to keep it at a tabletop level and to make sure that it is not obstructed. This allows air to flow freely through the purifier. Restaurants can have multiple purifiers in different areas. They don’t take up a lot of space, so they can be used in smaller or more awkward areas. Guests will be breathing better air and their indoor dining safety will be improved. 

Limiting the Risk of Fires

Indoor air quality is very important but it’s not the only thing that restaurants need to consider for indoor dining safety. Since restaurants require maintenance for the air systems, now is the time to consider the importance of maintaining and cleaning ducts and bathroom and kitchen exhaust systems. These pose a major fire risk if not properly cleaned and maintained. AirTek can help establish a maintenance schedule to limit the risk of a fire breaking out, keeping diners and employees safer.

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It’s exciting to see things opening up and restrictions being lifted, especially if your restaurant has been closed for some time. Remember, however, safety first.  Even with masks requirements being lifted for vaccinated guests, unvaccinated guests will still not be wearing a mask as they eat. This means that the risk of spread is still a major concern, especially with new variants present in the community. Changes need to be made to ensure the best indoor air quality and safety possible. Now is the time to make sure that you are ready to reopen and stay open. AirTek’s experts guide restaurants through what they need to know, what tools they need to put in place, and how to best keep their dining guests breathing clean air.

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