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Guest Post: 4 Important Tips for HVAC System Maintenance

Posted on February 23, 2012
by Wendy Stackhouse



Jim Gates has written another informative guest post for us–Thanks, Jim!

HVAC systems are among the most expensive systems in a building. A breakdown due to maintenance issues can be very costly and time consuming. Proper maintenance is very important to keeping the system working efficiently and effectively.


Understanding the Importance of HVAC System Maintenance


A properly maintained HVAC system can protect a building’s occupants from the health hazard of poor quality air and increase the comfort level of the building.


Providing the proper maintenance for the HVAC system will also help increase the life of the equipment, lower the building’s utility costs, and improve indoor air quality.


Four Tips for HVAC Maintenance


Here are some simple tips that you can follow to ensure that your system will remain in good working order.



1. Choose a High Quality Air Filter

Choosing a high quality air filter for your HVAC system can improve indoor air quality by removing large quantities of harmful air pollutants from the air. High quality air filters will also extend the life of the equipment by trapping dirt, dust, and other particles that could damage the machinery deep within the filter material so it can be removed and thrown away.


Make sure that the high quality air filter chosen is the proper size for your HVAC equipment as ill-fitting air filters can damage the equipment and require costly repairs to fix the system correctly. Additionally, using the wrong size filter can block the grill, which can put mechanical systems under strain and potentially cause costly repairs and higher energy bills.




2. Replace Air Filters On Schedule

Changing the air filters on schedule is very important to maintaining the equipment in good working order. Air filters get clogged with dirt, dust, and debris over time, which restricts the airflow through the filter and can allow dirt to accumulate in the machinery. The maximum length of time the air filter should be used before changing should be listed on the packaging or in an insert in the packaging for the air filter.


3. Perform Recommended Maintenance

There are a number of recommended maintenance items that should be performed on a regular schedule to ensure that all of the HVAC equipment is working properly. Routine scheduled maintenance includes cleaning, tune-ups, treatments, inspections, and adjustments. It is best to contact a trained professional to handle scheduled maintenance to ensure that all maintenance needs are addressed and accomplished correctly.



4. Clean Air Ducts Regularly

Dirt and dust can build up inside the air ducts and on the air duct grates, causing a reduction in airflow and returning to the indoor air when dislodged from the air duct. If an inspection reveals that the air ducts are dirty, clogged, or contaminated, it is important to get the situation remedied as soon as possible to prevent damage to the HVAC system. A professional contractor should be contacted to conduct a thorough air duct cleaning for the building if cleaning is needed.


Keep Your Equipment Working Properly

Following these simple maintenance tips can extend the life of your HVAC equipment and improve the indoor air quality of the building. Regular maintenance performed by trained professionals can result in the detection of small problems before they can become larger issues and damage costly equipment.


About the Author

Jim Gates, CAFS, is the brand manager for Quality Filters, Inc. (, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality home and commercial air filters. The company’s products are available online at (


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