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Part 1: Government Enforcement on NADCA Duct Cleaning Standards

Posted on May 23, 2014
by Susana Escamilla



In the HVAC Industry the ACR, is the NADCA Standard to improve the quality of service from a company. The NADCA ACR Standard and certification are referenced regularly so that HVAC Industry professionals are informed on important standards, guidelines and educational materials. From a consumer’s stand point, a consumer would want quality work performed from a professional company who follow these standards. However, there is no official enforcement of regulations for proper duct cleaning. In other words, there is no government enforcement of the NADCA duct cleaning standards. If government regulations existed, duct cleaning standards would ensure that certified contractors would perform and clean public and government buildings effectively. According to an article in DuctTales by Steven Scanlan there are several reasons why the government has not accepted regulating these standards within the industry. They are as followed:

  • Inspections- Difficult to enforce and can go unrecorded in many contracts.
  • Low Quality Imaging- Difficult for those who have been in the business longer determine. whether the ducts have been cleaned compared to a higher quality inspection.
  • Different equipment methods & Job Quality- Every company works differently and uses different equipment while doing duct cleaning jobs which make it difficult to ensure that government see proper cleaning methods.

In order for government regulations to take place, duct cleaners have to take the standards serious and follow the guidelines that are provided by NADCA.NADCA standards to rely on equipment standards and there are upcoming equipment that duct cleaners can start to use that may help clean the duct properly. We will discuss this topic next week. What are your thoughts about getting the government acceptance of NADCA Standards? Let us know what your thoughts are.

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