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Good Ventilation and Air Quality

Posted on July 24, 2014
by Wendy Stackhouse

We are always looking for great videos about air quality and we recently came across this very informative video from NextGenHome. Ventilation is key to reducing the humidity that leads to mold bacterial contamination in today’s energy efficient homes:

With new homes being so well sealed to prevent the escape of heated or cooled air, it is even more important to think about the contaminants and allergy triggers that could stay inside. Your ventilation system is the key to great indoor air quality, minimal mold growth and a healthy environment in your new home.

How can you improve the ventilation in your home to get better indoor air quality?

Weather permitting, open the windows. Your indoor air can be more polluted than the outdoor air and you need to let the VOCs and other pollutants dissipate into the outdoor environment as often as you can.

Keep interior doors ajar rather than closed when running the air conditioning. We know you want to cool less area and save energy, but air needs to move to stay healthy.

Give the dog a bath–maybe even the cat. Pet dander is a big indoor air pollutant and also an allergy trigger for family and guests.

Change air filters in air conditioning systems and even in window units. When air filters are dirty, they cannot continue to work efficiently, leaving contaminants in the air instead of in the filter.

Clean your ducts on a regular schedule. Dirty ducts can breed bacteria and mold and harbor moisture. Having your ducts professionally cleaned will ensure that they are not providing a home for organisms that can damage your air quality and your health.

Run the fans in your kitchen and bathroom. Bathroom fans are an essential part of your ventilation system, helping wet surfaces to dry before mold can have a chance to grow. The air over your stove is full of pollutants from cooking–get them out of the house ASAP!

We spend a majority of our time indoors–make sure your indoor environment is as safe and healthy as possible!


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