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Go Play Outside!

Posted on January 24, 2012
by Wendy Stackhouse


Can’t you hear your mother saying that? I can. And I bet my kids can, too!

But there are better reasons to get the kids outside, or adults for that matter, than to get them out of your hair. There are chemicals in our indoor air at higher levels than outside and we are exposed to them for longer periods of time because we spend so much time indoors.

This 60-second podcast from Scientific American reports on a study published in Environmental Science and Technology which tested the blood of 31 Boston office workers for a large variety of chemicals. Substances found in carpets, furniture, pressed wood construction materials and paint were found, along with chemicals more commonly used in cleaning products. One compound found in their blood hasn’t been in use for over a decade!

Listen to the Scientific American: Indoor Air Pollution Podcast

We are used to worrying about the pollutants in our outside air: car and truck exhaust, carbon monoxide, gases from manufacturing, wastes from power plants. But how often do we think about the chemicals in our homes or offices?

There are some pretty easy ways to make your indoor air more healthy:

      • Houseplants: Many common houseplants are great at removing chemical contaminants like formaldehyde from your indoor air.
      • Open the windows: This sounds like a no-brainer, right? But how often do you open the windows in the winter? Air out the house for ten minutes every few days to let built up pollutants escape.
      • Get a new vacuum: The newest bagless vacuums are much better at not spewing as much dust and particles as they pick up. Older models make your floors cleaner, but do a lot of damage to the air.
      • Replace your air filters: Fall and spring, replace the air filters in your HVAC system. Your air will be cleaner and your system will use less energy to run and save you some money.
      • Clean your ventilation system: It’s a great idea to have your ventilation system cleaned every year. Kitchen ducts and dryer vents and ducts can build up blockages which can stop them from providing the ventilation you need.

If you need any help cleaning or maintaining the ventilation system in your home or office in California, please contact AirTek! Our experienced, professional teams will have your indoor air healthy and pollutant free in short order!

Wendy Stackhouse is the Online Community Manager for AirTek Indoor Air Solutions and our affiliate Alliance Environmental Group. She welcomes your comments! For more news and tips or to ask questions of our experts, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! For updates on environmental services like mold remediation, lead removal and pest control including bed bugs, Like us at Alliance Environmental on Facebook or follow Alliance on Twitter!

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