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Fusobacterium: Commonly Found and Dangerous

Posted on April 05, 2012
by Wendy Stackhouse

The Indoor Air Quality Association uploaded a new video this week and, as usual, it is very informative and interesting. I always learn something from them!

This time they are teaching us about the Fusobacterium, a rod shaped pathogen that can cause gum disease, skin ulcers and Lemierre’s Syndrome.

Lemierre’s Syndrome can develop when a young healthy person contracts Strep Throat. The Fusobacteria enters the bloodstream via the lesions in the throat and creates an infected blood clot. This blood clot then can travel through the body to the heart or lungs and is potentially fatal. Another good reason to treat possible Strep Throat promptly!

Gum disease is linked with heart attacks and skin ulcers are nothing to be neglectful of, either.

The Fusobacterium is found pretty much everywhere, but is especially dangerous in hospitals where it can enter the body via surgery or other procedures.

Keeping the ventilation systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities clean and sanitized is an essential part of providing high quality care and treatment to patients. All such facilities should be following a regular schedule of duct cleaning and maintenance to ensure that there are no bacterial contaminants threatening the wellbeing of the people who are there for care.

AirTek offers duct cleaning and sanitizing for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical offices and anywhere that dangerous bacteria can be a threat. Contact us if you need to clean or maintain your healthcare facility’s ventilation systems anywhere in California.

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