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Fire Wall Penetration Repairs and Fire Safety

Posted on September 23, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

Fire Safety is important but fire risk in the workplace is important all year round. In any healthcare facility it is important to take precaution of any fire risks since in any healthcare facility you may have patients who are completely un able to move. Many of the fires reported in the United States cause 11.7 billion dollars in property damage. The important part of fire safety in a building are the walls. Fire walls can help stop or slow down from fires and smoke spreading through a building. Investing in maintaining fire walls can help the protection of the individuals who are in the building and the building itself. For instance, any of the stairwell and evacuation areas have fire resistant walls so that they protect any individual exiting the building. If there are pipes and holes by the walls any debris can get trap in the holes. Those open areas need to be filled with fire resistant material to prevent any flames or smoke to travel through other walls.

According to The National Fire Protection Association,(NFPA) requires that penetrations for cables, cable trays, conduits, pipes, tubes, combustion vents and exhaust vents, wires, and similar items to accommodate electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and communications systems that pass through a wall, floor, or floor/ceiling assembly constructed as a fire barrier be protected by a fire-stop system or device. (NFPA 101 Section At AirTek, we provide Fire Life Safety services and one of them is fire wall penetration repairs. In order for Healthcare facilities to pass inspections, fire wall penetration repairs need to be done and not only for inspections but for the safety of those inside the building. If you like to keep your building safe from any fire, visit our website and contact AirTek for more information on the Fire Life Safety Services provided by AirTek.

To learn more about fire safety below is a detailed infographic by Graphic Products.



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