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Fire Safety in the Healthcare Industry

Posted on July 02, 2014
by Susana Escamilla




This week we have been talking about the healthcare industry and we recently spent some time with the California Society for Healthcare Engineering about pathogens in healthcare settings. Today we wanted to focus on fire safety in the healthcare industry. The National Fire Protection Association shared an article on how combustible materials are used in exterior wall construction for several incentives. However, these materials become a fire hazard. The materials that are used in exterior wall construction improve energy performance, reduce water and air filtration, However, these materials become a fire hazard. Many fire incidents that are documented involve having these combustible materials.

The Fire Protection Research Foundation made research to find and compile relevant test methods to identify different fire scenarios to improve better plans and have a better approach, especially for buildings that have hundreds of patients and staff that need to be in a safe and comfortable environment. Fire spreads in a matter of seconds and one of the main findings is how flames can spread from one level to another spreading from interior to exterior surfaces. We have two main services that help advocate fire safety and it includes fire and smoke damper inspections and fire stopping services. Fire Smoke Dampers and air control dampers are needed for buildings. Fire and smoke dampers play a critical role in your life safety systems. When a damper does not operate and the damper door does not open after a test of the alarm system, the air flow in your facility is altered and causes the balance of the system to change dramatically. This can cause irregular air balance and cause corridor doors to stay open when they should close and can also redirect air flow in the HVAC system affecting temperature stability. If you need to do a fire and smoke damper inspection, AirTek provides commercial air duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. Always exercise fire safety precautions to prevent any fire that can cause loss in property and the life of someone.

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