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Fighting Hospital Acquired Infection with Better Indoor Air

Posted on January 10, 2012
by Wendy Stackhouse


We’ve all heard stories about friends who got an infection while they were in the hospital for something else. You might even have heard of an elderly or immune compromised person losing his or her life from a hospital acquired infection.

Infection is a constant danger in hospital and other medical treatment settings. Whether from infectious patients, germ-laden visitors and microorganisms that live everywhere but are especially dangerous to the sick and infirm, hospitals have a responsibility to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible. Up to 88,000 hospital-acquired infections occur every year and many of these are preventable.

One way to reduce this risk is by proper maintenance of their indoor air systems. The Environmental Protection Agency has three recommendations for improving indoor air quality in hospitals:

1. Source Control: Eliminate the source of the pollution by removing or replacing appliances and by enclosing or sealing up areas that are emitting contaminants.

2. Improve Ventilation: Increase the amount of outdoor air that is coming into the facility with fans and vents or by making the indoor air pressure greater than the outdoor pressure to force contaminants outside.

3. Air Cleaners: Properly maintained air cleaning systems can greatly reduce airborne contaminants, bacteria and other microorganisms if it has a high circulation rate and high quality filters.


AirTek has many years of experience removing the sources of indoor air contamination from healthcare facilities to reduce the risk of infection from airborne contaminants including projects for: Vet Medical Center, Sharp/Spectrum, Fredericka Care Manor, Aviara Health Care Center, Escondido VA Clinic and Imaging Health Care Specialists.

If your healthcare facility anywhere in California needs to improve its indoor air quality, please contact AirTek. Our professionals will help you reduce your risk of infection and give your patients confidence to be treated in your hospital or healthcare center.

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