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Exercise Caution during the Holidays

Posted on December 16, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

christmas tree fire

Happy Monday!

Christmas is right around the corner and many of us have already put up our christmas trees or have our christmas tree decorations and lights up. Others are traveling during the holidays.However, every year there are fire accidents in the news and home theft claims every year. Property Casualty 360 had a great article on this topic. According to statistics by Nationwide, more than 15,000 home thefts occurred in a 3 month period. Home theft is one of the top claims that are made by individuals when they are traveling during the holidays. The second one is fire related claims. For example, in Hawaii a fire claim can be extremely expensive for a Hawaii resident. During this time of the year, a Christmas Tree claim can go up to $100,000.The article also gives a shocking statistic of a fire claim that happen in Hawaii. In 2008, a Christmas tree fire claim was the most expensive claim.

The Christmas Tree caught on fire in the homeowners living room. The author of the article states,”The claim amounted to a total financial loss of $2.4 million.” When a fire starts it not only affects your entire home and family but as well as your environment. Exercise caution during the holidays and take precaution. Be aware of the fire hazard one spark can cause and always watch any candles that are lit as well, since lighting scented candles are popular during the holidays. Also keep in mind that fire can also start in the kitchen so keep an eye on any food that is being prepared as well. One mishap can lead to a million dollar claim.Be cautious and safe during the holidays.

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