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EPA Indoor AirPlus Program Leader Award

Posted on April 16, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

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We like sharing events that will be happening soon within our community. For example, yesterday we blogged about hosting the Second Annual Golf Tournament which you can read more about it here. Today we wanted to share how builders and raters who help build safer, healthier and more comfortable indoor environments can win the EPA Indoor AirPLUS Leader Award and also share what the Indoor AirPLUS Program is . Those who are eligible have already participated in the Indoor AirPlus program. While being in the Indoor AirPLUS program the builder or rater has enhanced the indoor air quality protection for homebuyers. The program helps builders meet the consumers preference of having comfortable indoor air quality in their home. The foundation of the program also lies on the foundation of EPA’s Energy Star requirements for new homes. The program provides detailed information on indoor air quality protections in new homes. According to the EPA,there are two construction specifications that builders can follow :

  • Installation of Moisture Control Systems: Heating, Ventilation, and air-conditioning systems
  • Combustion Venting Systems: Radon resistant construction, low-emitting building materials

Having this in mind, a builder or rater who participated in the Indoor airPlus program in the previous year can apply for the award. In addition,being active in building or verifying at least one Indoor airPlus home in 2013 and completion of the application. We believe this is a great opportunity for builders and raters who help homeowners create a healthier environment. Indoor air quality problems have become a great issue since it is linked to health complications. To apply for the award you can visit the EPA’s website by clicking here and complete the application by April 30.

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