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Efficient Marine Duct Cleaning for US Navy Ship

Posted on August 11, 2015
by Melissa Asplund

Airtek Indoor Air Solutions is fully licensed, trained, and insured to carry out maritime services for ships and other vessels. Recently, Airtek effectively completed a marine duct cleaning project for the United States Navy aboard the USS Somerset.

Project Requirements

Due to the nature of this particular project, special care was taken to ensure compliance with federal rules and regulations, including associated security clearances for all employees. Every worker on the project had to undergo a complete military background investigation and were obligated to wear a badge at all times. Airtek employees are properly trained and prepared for the high security clearances that are necessary in order to gain access to this type of assignment.

Airtek worked closely with two other contractors who were knowledgeable about shipyard general maintenance and services. Working cooperatively with these contractors was a vital factor to ensuring that our employees were working in a safe environment without disrupting the normal routine of the shipyard. The contractor had called upon Airtek for a full-service duct cleaning for the supplied air system of multiple parts of the vessel, including the engine rooms and other highly sensitive areas on the ship.


Airtek utilized their advanced technology to get into areas that had limited space and tight compartments. The USS Somerset has a sealed system to make it watertight; therefore, there are no segments with screws. To accommodate this special marine system, an advanced device called a 5000 CFM Nikro was used. The 5000 CMF Nikro is a powerful, three-piece negative air machine. In addition, air tools that contain two-inch diameter fire hoses but use a slightly higher pressure were also utilized. These tools provided enough power to clean the larger square ducts because they are able to reach 100 feet into the duct system, while allowing the pressure to be adjusted to a lower or higher capacity as needed.

Although the USS Somerset is only two years old; it was discovered that during the process of building the ship, chips and particles from grinding iron were absorbed into the new system – similar to the dust and debris you would find at a new construction project in a closed structure or building. It was evident that a marine duct cleaning was necessary. Large amounts of grease build up were also found. This highly technical project required immediate and experienced contractors who were working under a strict time limit of less than two weeks because of the Navy’s need to keep the ship on schedule.

This is just one project that reflects Airtek’s ability to work cooperatively with other contractors and employees of a shipyard, knowledge of advanced equipment necessary for marine duct cleaning, and compliance with the high security rules and regulations required by the U.S. government. For a free quote or any questions regarding marine duct cleaning at your facility, contact


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