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E-cigarettes and Air Quality

Posted on October 30, 2012
by Wendy Stackhouse

No one would argue the dangers of secondhand smoke, least of all us!

And we encourage anyone still smoking to quit as soon as possible, for yourself and for your family. One new development in smoking cessation is E-cigarettes and we wanted to take a look at how healthy they are for both smokers who are trying to quit and the people around them. I have a neighbor and a friend who are both using E-cigarettes to help them quit smoking right now!

From our blog about Secondhand Smoke and Kids:

Environmental tobacco smoke contains over 4000 different compounds and 40 known carcinogens. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that ETS causes between 150,000 and 300,000 respiratory tract infections every year in children under the age of 18 months and older children can have lower lung function.

If you’ve seen anyone using E-cigarettes, though, you know that they give off vapor. What’s in that stuff?

According to the Electronic Cigarette page at Wikipedia:

“Liquid for producing vapor in electronic cigarettes, known as e-juice or e-liquid, is a solution of propylene glycol(PG) and/or vegetable glycerin(VG) and/or polyethylene glycol 400(PEG400) mixed with flavors and mostly nicotine.”

The ingredients in E-cigarette liquid, therefore, are chemicals which are approved for personal care use, like toothpaste and asthma inhalers, as well as food additives. So far so good.

Now we have results of a study done at Boston University’s School of Public Health which shows that “the risks of secondhand vapor from electronic cigarette use are very small in comparison to those associated with secondhand tobacco smoke…the current data provide no justification for eliminating electronic cigarette use in [public] places.” Dr. Michael Siegel

If you are considering quitting smoking, do it! If you think E-cigarettes might be a good strategy for you, know that you will not hurt yourself or your family doing so. Go for it!

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy today.

Wendy Stackhouse has been the Online Community Manager for AirTek and our parent company, Alliance Environmental Group, which offers residential and commercial cleaning, pest control, demolition, structural pasteurization and many other environmental services, since October of 2011. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for more updates on indoor air challenges!

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