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Dust Collector Systems

Posted on March 10, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

Controlling air pollution is key in providing a healthy environment for those who work around machinery. Different kinds of systems are used to control air pollution in a environment. All present manufacturing companies have operational systems that need to work smoothly in order to keep the business running smoothly as well. However, those machines used in several industries can start accumulating dust.

As more local and international business use new machinery developments and new technology these types of systems need maintenance. Dust Collector Systems are used to control air pollution but can collect dust. So what are Dust Collector Systems? During any production process, a dust collector system will capture poisonous particles during this process which are absorbed by the the dust collector. The Duct Collector is designed to capture particles that are naked to the eye. Dust Collectors can be also described as a filtration system. At Air-Tek we have solutions for Mechanical Contractors and Facility Managers.We have both the manpower and proven technology to manage multiple industrial strength Dust Collector Systems, preventing the dust buildup that can impede your business from functioning at full capacity.

*Below is a video with details on different types of dust collector systems


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