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Dryer Danger: Clean the Dryer Exhaust System Too!

Posted on September 29, 2014
by Susana Escamilla

dryer lint

Dryer fire can happen to anyone and recently it happen to college roommates. Their clothes dryer caught on fire and the fire spread through the kitchen. Dryer fires can spark in a matter of seconds and become a serious dryer danger to residents. Fortunately for this case, no one was hurt and they were able to move into another unit safely. The moment you begin to use your dryer lint starts to accumulate. Cleaning out the lint trap is not enough. The lint trap does not catch all the lint that builds up. If you pull out the lint trap and look underneath it, you may find lint that has accumulated. Cleaning the vent exhaust system is key in order to avoid a fire.

Most manufacturers recommend an annual cleaning and more than once a year if you use your dryer frequently. Cleaning out the exhaust system is recommended to be part of the whole dryer vent cleaning process. We recommend calling a professional who will not only clean the necessary areas but run a test to reassure that the system is clean. After the system is cleaned by a professional there are several steps you can take that can help prevent a dryer vent fire:

  • Keep the dryer away from being close to the wall. Doing so, will clog the vents.
  • Make sure the lint trap is of good condition and not torn or damaged.
  • Check that the outside area around the vents are not blocked by nests or debris.
  • Keep the area where the clothes dryer free from any items.

These are several key steps that are recommended and can be found in the national fire protection association website. Keep these steps in mind and keep anything that’s combustible away from the dryer. If you have not clean your dryer exhaust system contact us to set up an appointment and we will be of assistance. In addition, if you would like to check if your dryer is up to code we can test the performance of your dryer exhaust system. Our AirTek team follows the NADCA Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance standard for single and multi family dwellings.

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