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Don’t Take The Risk With Your Restaurant

Posted on August 07, 2013
by Susana Escamilla

It’s summer and many are cooking less at home and eating out at restaurants. Here in Southern California it gets very busy during the summer because this is one of the many tourist locations. If you are a restaurant owner you are so busy with keeping your customers and employers happy. However, you have to remember and keep track of the last time your kitchen was happy. Keeping your kitchen exhaust clean is important because a clean kitchen means less fire accidents. While browsing through some facts about kitchen exhaust fire I found a great article by on “5 Things a Restaurant Owner Should Know about Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning.” As a restaurant owner there are several questions you may have about proper kitchen exhaust cleaning. Below are some answers to some questions you may have.

  • As the owner you are responsible for keeping the kitchen exhaust system clean. In other words, the responsibility for inspection, testing, maintenance, and cleanliness of the ventilation control and fire protection of the commercial cooking operations.
  • Grease Build up is one of the main reasons a fire starts in a restaurants kitchen. How often the entire exhaust system should be clean depends on your business. Visit our website to take a look at a chart that shows the schedule of inspection for Hood Cleaning.
  • When an exhaust cleaning is to be conducted proper certification needs to be present. Certificate should have the name of the servicing company, the name of the person performing the work and the date of inspection or cleaning. A report after the cleaning and inspection is then given to the owner of what areas were cleaned or inspected.

At AIRTEK the service provided is taking into account to make sure the complete system is cleaned properly. In addition, AIRTEK will let you know what needs to be cleaned and performed to bring your system into compliance. Our professionals are fully trained and certified in accordance with NFPA and IKECA regulations and procedures. To keep your kitchen, customers and employees happy with a clean kitchen system contact us. A clean system is clean to the bare metal. If you can still see some specks of grease on the metal it is not clean according to the industry standard. The hoods, grease removal devices, fans and ducts all need to be clean.



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